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How to apply?

Our website contains general company information and will give you an idea of what we can offer you. If you are interested to proceed further and wish to register with us, you can contact us by filling in your details on the website or by contacting one of our offices directly. After your initial application, our consultant will screen your experiences to assess which job opportunities we have for you. After a first evaluation, a personal interview will be scheduled.

What to expect? 
Find out more about our 10-steps application procedure, an all-in-one clear overview!

  1. initial contact with applicant;
  2. information exchange during personal interview or Skype interview including language check;
  3. assessment and processing of the application details (portfolio) including reference check;
  4. short-listing for various jobs;
  5. portfolio will be forwarded to healtchare organisations abroad;
  6. organisation of personal interviews abroad: ´join a team for a day´;
  7. feedback application/employer regarding interview outcome;
  8. if a job is offered, this step involves the employment formalities (work contract, staff accommodation, work and/or residence permit, insurances, etc.);
  9. support with final preparations;
  10. after care service/evaluation.

Our company is committed to professionally advise and guide you through the recruitment process, from the moment you contact our offices, right through to after your starting date of employement. If you have any questions or concerns, or if unexpected problems should arise, we will be more than pleased to assist you.

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About us

We are Helen Eleveld and Carolien Timpers, dedicated and committed entrepreneurs who share a mutual passion; making people happy in their work.


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