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General information
Swiss hospitals and other healthcare organisations have worked with internatinoal teams for decades already as the shortage of staff always used to be a large problem for Swiss Healthcare organisations. We therefore have a large amount of jobs for nursing and medical staff in various regions in Switzerland. The Swiss are friendly and hospitable people, though somewhat reserved at times. The Swiss share an independent spirit, a respect for tradition and no fewer than four languages and dozens of dialects. A working week consists of 42 hours. We also recruit for vacancies with a pensum of 80% or less.

Switzerland is divided into 27 cantonal regions. Vacancies occur in hospitals and other health clinics in various regions, e.g. in wintersport areas, in the cities but also in small picturesque villages. Main languages are Swiss-German, French and Italian.

Salary and fringe benefits
Salaries in Swiss healthcare are the highest in Europe. Approximately 25% of a gross salary will be deducted for social benefits and taxes. A working week of 42 hours is standard, as well as a 13th month salary (comparable to annual leave payments). Social benefits are excellent in Switzerland.

Most healthcare organisations offer affordable living, varying from studio’s to apartments and staff accommodation at hospital site. Usually your new offers guidance in finding a suitable accommodation.

Work and residence permits
Switzerland does not belong to the European Union. However, based on bilateral agreements, EU citizens do not require a work permit. A residence permit is still obligatory and needs to be issued within three months after starting employment in Switzerland. EU citizens from Bulgary and Rumania (‘Drittstaaten’), as well as non EU citizens require a work and residence permit. This permit will be issued for 12 to 18 months initially. For specialised staff such as Theatre staff, ITU and CCU Nurses we frequently offer short term contracts for 3-6 months.

Insurance coverage
Our organisation cares about your insurance coverage in Switzerland. For this reason we offer you an insurance pack that will cover unexpected risks. Based upon your personal situation, our local Swiss immigration specialist will professionally guide and advise you regarding personal insurance coverage (e.g. medical costs, liabilty, travel insurance, car insurance, etc). A thorough analysis of the various insurance options, will help you decide which insurance pack complies with your personal wishes.

About us

We are Helen Eleveld and Carolien Timpers, dedicated and committed entrepreneurs who share a mutual passion; making people happy in their work.


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