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Are you interested to work in other countries/regions?  
Frequently we also recruit staff for vacancies on the Channel Islands and Aruba. These vacancies are usually in general hospitals, mental health clinics or elderly care/home care (Channel Islands).

What to expect from working on the Channel Islands or Aruba?  
Working on the Channel Islands or on Aruba automatically means working in an international setting, as most healthcare employers recruit staff from overseas. An advantage for you, as they are very much experienced in guiding applicants from abroad. As from the moment you start working, staff accommodation wil be offered. After some time, you can rent your own house on the local housing market. Your employer can guide and advise you in this process, if required. For Aruba, Dutch language skills are essential. Knowledge of English, Spanish and/or French is desired. In order to be eligible for a position on the Channel Islands, English language skills at ´Academic Level´ are crucial (this level is required by the relevant diploma registration authorities). Depending upon your nationality, a work and residence permit may be required.

Scholten Medical has been the recruitment specialist for vacancies in Switzerland since it´s founding in 1988. Because we bring specialist international recruitment expertise, we decided in 1995 to extend our recruit efforts to healthcare organisations outside of Switzerland. The result is that we have career opportunities to suit every taste! Does a job outside of Switzerland attract you? Please do contact our office for further details.

Read more about vacancies on the Channel Islands and Aruba here.

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