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The history of Scholten Medical Recruitment: In 1988 the Dutch office of Scholten Medical Recruitment was founded by our mother, Anne Holtkamp-Scholten.  In the late 1980’s the Swiss labour market was confronted with scarcity of staff, especially in the healthcare sector. In other European countries, unemployment rates among healthcare employees was rising. With a recruitment request from the Swiss government in 1988, the first applicants were screened and recruited to Switzerland. In the beginning of the 1990’s the Swiss Scholten Medical AG was founded in Zurich. So we could optimalize our services on the Swiss healthcare market. During the last decade our recruitment and selection activities expanded to various countries and regions in- and outside of Europe. Nowadays we recruit 20 different nationalities, to seven different countries/regions. In 2008 we – daughters Helen Eleveld and Carolien Timpers – took over the Dutch BV and Swiss AG. Leitmotiv. Throughout the years our dedication and commitment has been towards applicants and employers on one side, quality and expertise on the other side.

About us

We are Helen Eleveld and Carolien Timpers, dedicated and committed entrepreneurs who share a mutual passion; making people happy in their work.


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