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Buddy Project

Start-up Buddy!
Just like you, we annually welcome a growing number of foreign healthcare professionals in their new job in Switzerland. In order to help you to integrate properly to your new home and environment, we will match you to a Start-up Buddy! The Start-up Buddy is a transition expert himself/herself, as he or she also accepted a job in Switzerland as a foreign healthcare professional. Asking for support from your Start-up Buddy enables you to integrate easily in Switzerland!

What is in it for you?
Your Buddy will support you with your transition to Switzerland, mainly in the first few months. You will learn more about your living environment, the Swiss culture and you can even practice your Swissgerman language skills! Before you will set off for Switzerland, your Start-up Buddy will contact you by phone or email. This enables you to ask any questions regarding your transition to Switzerland. After you have moved to Switzerland and you started your new job, your Start-up Buddy will learn you about the ´ins and outs´ in Switzerland and will guide you through the region (e.g. by a tour in the city, having a coffee/tea together, supporting you with any practical questions that may arise, etc.). As we recruit 20 different nationalities, your Buddy also brings foreign work experience: an excellent way in getting to know different cultures!

Be a Start-up Buddy!
In case you would like to be a Start-up Buddy yourself, after being integrated in the Swiss ´way of life´, we would be pleased to receive your application. By being a Start-up Buddy you can help others to have a great time in Switzerland like you!


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We are Helen Eleveld and Carolien Timpers, dedicated and committed entrepreneurs who share a mutual passion; making people happy in their work.


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